Developing our future leaders

Through the PYBAR graduate program, we are developing the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Participants in PYBAR’s graduate program gain a wide variety of hands-on experience across many facets of mining engineering over a two to three year period.

We give them the chance to make a difference with real projects and the opportunity to work in a real mining environment.

We reward our graduates well and have strong induction processes in place.

Another key aspect of our program is access to mentoring. Senior executives with mining engineering qualifications assist with personal and professional growth.

At completion, graduates can choose to go into either operational or technical roles.

We offer a ‘real’ career path within the mining industry. At PYBAR, our graduates are well on their way to discovering the best the mining industry has to offer.

Apply for our graduate program and follow our LinkedIn corporate page for program updates.

Some of our program participants 

Christopher Borg Graduate program - Mining Engineers
Chris Borg

Chris is a graduate engineer at PYBAR. He was based at the Lady Loretta mine in Queensland, where one of his key roles was to complete daily reports on Lady Loretta’s development and operations.

Chris has developed his knowledge and experience significantly during his tenure at PYBAR. After commencing in Sydney, he then moved to our Orange office before receiving the opportunity to work underground at Lady Loretta.

Chris says: “The most exciting aspect for me has been learning to operate heavy machinery. At Lady Loretta I have been training on several types of equipment. I have had the opportunity to operate the machinery on a regular basis which has boosted my experience and skills”.

The most challenging experience Chris has faced during his time at PYBAR was when he was posted to Orange to help complete tenders within the civil division. Chris gained exposure to the processes and pressures, and enjoyed the challenge and practical experience of working within a team.

“My overall experience with PYBAR has been fantastic, the variety has been more than I could have imagined. I have had the opportunity to work in Sydney, Orange and also on site at Lady Loretta. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Preston Nsofu - Graduate program - Mining Engineers
Preston Nsofwa

As a recent engineering graduate, Preston worked in the Technical Services department in Sydney. Having already experienced collating cost information and making schedules for various aspects of a budget for a potential client, his current project is completing the budget estimate.

“I have been treated like a rock star! I work with senior engineers who are both professional and ethical in their approach. I really appreciate their support and look forward to gaining the necessary experience to become a Mining Engineer”, he says.

Preston hit the ground running, learning how to use our tender estimation software and attending introductory training on the expert estimator product.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to become part of such a forward thinking organisation. I know I made the right decision to join PYBAR because it’s exactly what I was looking for in a company.”

Ray Zhang - Graduate program - Mining Engineers
Ray Zhang

Ray is based in the Sydney office.

“I enjoy working with the people at PYBAR who are very experienced and talented, friendly and patient to train me as I become a professional engineer,” he says.

One of Ray’s major responsibilities is building reports on Web-BAR – a web-based data program which collects all the key information from sites. He also provides assistance to the tender process.

“In the PYBAR graduate program I have learnt many things that other companies would not offer, such as tendering and estimating – something I value.”

Ray is also looking forward to the more practical part of the program as he heads out to one of PYBAR’s project sites.

Forrest Yu - Graduate program - Mining Engineers
Forrest Yu

Forrest was a part of the PYBAR Lady Loretta team where he had the opportunity to put his theory into practice. His role included reporting on the daily development statistics and performing stocktake of mining consumables, chemicals and explosives. He was also in charge of quality assurance/quality control for underground, including ensuring ground support met required standards.

“PYBAR offers the opportunity to work with very experienced people who are keen to support and mentor young engineers. PYBAR has also exposed me to the different aspects of underground mining and provided me with the opportunity to work in different roles within the project. I feel that I am an important and contributing member of the team”, he says.

Forrest has been constantly challenged throughout his time at PYBAR, learning the valuable skills of time management and multi-tasking.