Bruce Moore – Planning & Reliability Superintendent

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Bruce Moore – Planning & Reliability Superintendent

July 2, 2013
Maintenance, Whole of Mine

Bruce joins the PYBAR Plant and Maintenance team after an extensive mechanical and maintenance career in underground mines all over Australia and in Indonesia, and more recently as the Maintenance Foreman for PYBAR’s drilling division.

Having always been on site, Bruce is looking forward to utilising this experience at a broader ‘fleet’ level at the PYBAR head office, with plans to reduce the work load for personnel on site, reduce downtime and improve equipment availability.

‘I like a challenge, which my new role offers.’ says Bruce, ‘Having done a lot of planning work in the past, it is good to be able to focus on that aspect of equipment maintenance, rather than juggling half a dozen different roles as you do on site.’

Previously working for other contractors, Bruce was clear on the differences that PYBAR can offer a project: ‘The difference is lower overheads and a more ‘can-do’ attitude to work’.

Bruce’s plan is to work with the maintenance team to help them use the systems available at PYBAR to do the work for them, improve and fine tune templates and processes, and better manage equipment lifecycles for all major plant, to save projects time and clients money. He also plans to introduce more scheduled component change outs and upgrade the way these are done to improve fleet availability across the company.

We wish Bruce all the best for his career at PYBAR, and look forward to the results of his exciting plans for the fleet.

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