February 2, 2016
Mine Development, Queensland

Working hard and safely to the very end

In August 2014, the Starra mine concluded production mining activities on exhaustion of the economic reserve. In 2015, the Osborne mine also exhausted its ore reserve.

PYBAR was awarded the development mining contract at the Osborne mine in early 2011. In December 2012, we were awarded the production mining works at Osborne, as well as the development and production mining works at Starra, where we replaced the incumbent contractor.

Delivering a world class development and production project

The PYBAR team remained on site until the ore was depleted at both the Osborne and Starra mines, successfully contributing to the economic end of the underground mining life of both projects.

Through the completion of the Starra and Osborne projects, PYBAR has contributed to the delivery of a world class development and production project with an excellent safety record. As at 15 October, PYBAR had achieved 483 days without any lost time to injury and 263 days free of medical treatment injuries.

Whilst working at both mines, our teams demonstrated a positive and enviable workplace culture; and built a strong and valued relationship with our client.

Well done to our teams at Starra and Osbourne. Your diligence and hard work right to the end attested to our professionalism.

Project Stats:

  • Current contract start date: December 2012
  • Contract and underground mining completion date: 15 October 2015
  • PYBAR employees on site whilst Starra was in operation: 202
  • PYBAR employees on site post-Starra project: 158
  • Total development metres achieved during contract: 16,721
  • Total ore production tonnes hauled during contract: 4,178,249


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