PYBAR’s Easer crew achieves world first at Hera gold mine

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PYBAR’s Easer crew achieves world first at Hera gold mine

March 27, 2018
Drilling, Easer, Hera gold mine

After a strong performance at Deep South last year, the Easer has exceeded planned expectations during a three month campaign at Hera.

World first

The rig’s scope of works at Hera gave our team the opportunity to test and prove all three of the rig’s drilling modes: boxhole, down reaming and conventional. In doing so, we achieved a world first as no other Easer has completed all three methods outside of factory testing.

The initial scope at Hera was for 2 x 1.4m conventional reamed escapeways, which to date is the largest reamer ever used on an Easer machine.

When the scope of works increased, it provided an opportunity to achieve additional milestones:

  • 3 x 750mm down reams – 11 inch pilot followed by a 750mm ream.
  • 7 x 750mm boxholes – ranging from 15 to 30m. Three of the longer 30m boxholes were pre-piloted to improve accuracy.

PYBAR’s Raise Bore Supervisor Nathan Lincoln said: “The down reams were a massive success and provided the client with an efficient alternative to drilling opening slots and ladderways in challenging ground conditions.”

Multi-skills add value

“The mobility of the Easer was well received, as were the Easer crew’s general mine equipment operating skills enabling support to the mining crews during short stand down periods.

“Being multi-skilled also meant we were able to think outside the box and offer several solutions to tight drive locations and hole designs,” Mr Lincoln said.


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