Evolution of iPLOD and WebBAR – V3 on the right track!

Evolution of iPLOD and WebBAR – V3 on the right track!

August 21, 2019
Business Systems, Innovation, Safety, Technology

The development of Version 3 of the android-compatible PYBAR app iPLOD is a continuing process and our team has been busy with live testing in the field to gather feedback on the evolution of the technology and its application. Through continuous improvement, iPLOD is adding value across a range of business areas, including safety, maintenance, and supply.

In recent months PYBAR Mining Services’ Business Systems team has been hard at work with the development of several new features for iPLOD and WebBAR, making sure that these systems meet the present and future needs of our projects and the business.

Developed entirely in-house, iPLOD is an innovative system designed to improve the capture, storage and use of PLOD data at our mining operations. The app has been in use at PYBAR sites since mid-2017 and was initially developed to digitise how operators recorded their productivity data during a shift to solve inefficiencies and inaccuracies with the paper PLOD system.

Version 3 represents a major update of iPLOD, which includes features such as the synchronising of live data with operator engagement and messaging.

With the combination of iPLOD and WebBAR, PYBAR are taking a holistic approach to digitising mining data capture and information sharing. Ongoing development will ensure PYBAR is better equipped to optimise operations and deliver safer, more profitable and more sustainable projects now and into the future.

Benefits of iPLOD and WebBAR

  • Improved efficiencies: operators, shift bosses and site administrators can save up to two hours per shift, depending on the job role, over the conventional paper PLOD system. This means crews can focus on their core tasks and improve project productivity. 
  • Safer, more environmentally friendly sites: the digitisation of safety forms into iPLOD enables operators to quickly record any hazards identified during a shift, enabling rapid risk response.  iPLOD has also contributed to a huge reduction in paper use in excess of $70,000 per year.
  • Strategic insight for operational optimisation: the system enables significantly enhanced reporting and analysis capability for greater operational insight, strategic planning and decision making. Prestart faults and maintenance reporting is stored electronically to report out trends, and production data is accessible to various departments as soon as it’s uploaded.

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