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April 6, 2024

We kicked off the new year with the roll out of a new preventative Hazard Identification and Control familiarisation presentation across the business.

A hazard is a condition or practice with the potential for injury or loss, or, put simply, anything that could hurt us or our workmates.

Our Hazard Identification and Control familiarisation presentation focuses on identifying workplace hazards – obvious, hidden or developing – and eliminating them or, where necessary, mitigating the risk using the defined hierarchy of controls BEFORE they have an opportunity to cause injuries. Tools available to identify hazards and assess risk in the workplace include: 

  • Pre-workplace Inspections – TWIs (Task and Workplace Inspection) 
  • Pre-start Inspections – equipment 
  • SWIs (Standard Work Instruction), procedures, standards
  • JSAs (Job Safety Analysis) 

SAFETY is the first and most important of the PYBAR Values – SAFETY, SERVICE, RESPECT + RESULTS – upon which our business is founded. The Hazard Identification and Control presentation sets clear expectations for every employee in relation to workplace safety and empowers employees to stop a job if required. 

“Our goal is zero life changing events, and we all have a part to play in this by taking care of our own and others’ health and safety in the workplace,” said Rob Patterson, Safety, Health, Training & Environment Manager. 

“We want to find hazards and eliminate them or manage the risk before an injury can occur,” he added. 

In February, PYBAR team members proactively identified and recorded 59 hazards that needed further attention to rectify. During the same month, we were Recordable Injury free. This demonstrates how identifying hazards and eliminating or mitigating the risks will result in a safer workplace for our people.

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