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PYBAR's iPlod plod data system
PYBAR's iPlod plod data system


July 10, 2017

PYBAR continues to lead the industry in the development and implementation of innovative tech solutions that target tangible improvement in productivity and efficiency. The roll out of the iPlod is one such initiative recently implemented to improve data transfer and accuracy.

PYBAR continues to focus on the improvement of operational efficiencies across the business with the iPlod roll out one of several initiatives recently implemented to improve data transfer and accuracy.

Hera Mine has been running iPlod for all operators plus summaries for shift bosses for over a month.  The trials have been well accepted with crews adapting well to the change.  iPlod is currently being trailed at several of other sites, with Deep South the next site to undergo the full roll out. It is expected that iPlod will be up and running across all PYBAR sites within six months.

Data validation, greater accuracy, safety checklists and more!

The system allows each operator to input their plod data directly into a tablet, and the data is then uploaded to a local version of PYBAR’s Web-BAR database for the supervisor to validate and approve.  Site administrators can then easily import this electronic data into the central production database for reporting. 

Initially it was thought that the main personnel seeing benefit in terms of time saving would be the shift bosses, site administrators and site engineers, with any benefit to the underground operators being limited to no more time required than paper plods.  However at Hera most of the operators now prefer the iPlod to paper plods! 

The benefits fed back on the system include:

  • iPlod speeds up data capture allowing more time to be spent validating data and planning the next shift.
  • point of entry data validation, simple data validation process
  • Visibility of data and QA controls
  • No fuss importing of data into production database
  • easy and effective tracking of productivity and delays – identify bottlenecks and allow for continuous improvement
  • simple to implement
  • simple to maintain
  • flexible yet structured data capture (allows for unforeseen events during the shift, but all tasks have defined metrics to be gathered); and
  • uncomplicated interface to electronic data

The app is easily configured to capture different data for different machines which means only machine specific data needed is captured (eg. tonnes and TKMs for trucking, drill metres, holes, bolts and mesh for jumbos etc.).

The devices will also allow operators to input their prestart and daily safety checklists, like TWIs, directly to the tablet where work flows can be organised, if necessary.

Feedback from our crews has been very positive with the app easy to use and already saving time. It’s great to see everyone embracing the new system!

As we continue to improve iPlod, we expect even greater efficiencies and more accurate and detailed data capture.

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