April 3, 2024
Kidston Pumped Hydro Storage Project, Renewable Energy

PYBAR is playing an important role in the renewable energy industry, completing a series of raise bore shafts at this exciting future-focused project in Far-North Queensland.

Part of the Kidston Clean Energy Hub in Far-North Queensland, which also includes solar and wind energy generation projects, the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro project is the first pumped hydro project in Australia for over 40 years. When complete, it will become the third largest energy storage device in the country, expected to generate 250MW of power for up to eight hours; enough for 100,000 homes. 

The unique project repurposes the disused Kidston Gold Mine which closed in 2001, using existing open cut mine pits as upper and lower reservoirs. Power will be generated when water is released from the higher pit to the lower pit through reversible Francis turbines. The project also uses other existing mine infrastructure such as accommodation camp, airstrip and water supply. 

PYBAR was contracted by the McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) and John Holland Joint Venture to provide specialised raise boring services to the project, consisting of four raise bore shafts – two 4m diameter and two 5m diameter – totalling 970m. The shafts – one cable shaft, one ventilation shaft and two intake shafts – will form part of the infrastructure essential to the success of the project. 

PYBAR’s Raise Bore team successfully completed directionally drilling and reaming the four large diameter shafts in January, utilising our RBR600-VF, one of PYBAR’s fleet of 11 raise bore rigs, safely delivering a challenging project with skill and precision. 

PYBAR is proud to be part of the Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro project; a great example of ingenuity and innovation, converting a former mine site to a clean energy generation and storage hub to create sustainable energy into the future.

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