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Mobile Site Office

May 8, 2012
Business Systems

PYBAR develops fully self sufficient mobile site office.

Continually improving our development speed PYBAR has developed a ‘rapid development unit (RDU)’ – a fully self-contained office, housed within a 20ft shipping container.

PYBAR identified a need for an interim office during project start-ups. Instead of waiting the couple of weeks it takes for buildings and communication infrastructure to be built, the RDU is delivered to site and is immediately operational, further reducing mobilisation times.

With its own generator for power and is equipped with 3G and satellite connectivity for communications the PYBAR RDU is functional at any site in Australia. It is equipped with computers, phones, office furniture, a refreshment station with fridge and air conditioning so the team can hit the ground running.

Once the ‘real’ infrastructure is complete, the RDU will be returned to storage, ready for rapid deployment to the next project.


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