New Cabolter at CSA

New Cabolter at CSA

April 29, 2013
Cable Bolting, Mine Development

PYBAR Mining have recently commissioned a new Sandvik DS421 into CSA Mine at Cobar, NSW.

This is one of PYBAR’s largest investments and brings the fleet replacement value to $112M with over 370 pieces of equipment.

This machine is designed especially for rock reinforcement in underground mines and tunnels with small and medium cross sections, with a working width of 4.0m to 8.9m, working height from 3.4m to 8.4m, and a small turning radius. It is self-contained with an onboard steel strand reel, cement mixer and cement bag platform and can install cement grouted cable bolts up to 25 metres in depth.

PYBAR allocated the machine to this site, as the CSA mine’s top priority areas – access to the new shaft extension and the infrastructure for the new crusher station – are both in areas that require a significant concentration of cablebolts.

The PYBAR team at CSA mine is thrilled with the new cabolter and, with only a month’s operation, has seen significant changes in productivity including:

  • A 36% increase in drilled and installed cable metres per shift.
  • Expected end of month drilled and installed metres to be 6,000+m, above a target of 5,500m

The improvement in productivity has rapidly increased the development rate, reducing the time to completion of these significant infrastructure projects.

The new machine also performs very well with a 30.2% reduction in overall downtime.

The carrier section of the rig is much more accessible, so will be easier to maintain and service.

The enclosed air-conditioned cab (the previous machine had an open cab) is good for the humid conditions experienced at CSA, where most of the work is conducted at a depth of approximately 1,700 metres vertical.

As PYBAR has significant investment in equipment planned over the next five years, more projects and clients will be able to benefit from the productivity improvements in new technology and equipment design.

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