PYBAR acquires new Atlas Copco Easer

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PYBAR acquires new Atlas Copco Easer

April 1, 2016

We have increased the PYBAR fleet of rigs with the addition of the Atlas Copco Easer mobile raise drill. With a focus on safety and better efficiencies, the rig delivers on both counts.

Safety + Results

Using the industry leading RCS (Rig Control System), Atlas Copco have produced an integrated raise bore and boxhole machine unique in this industry. This combination eliminates the need for costly concrete pads, additional machinery being tied up or moving conventional raise bore machines from site to site.

With articulated steering, low profile design and four-wheel drive capabilities, the Easer has the ability to work in drives 4.5m x 4.5m.

Versatility + Accuracy

With its ability to drill 750mm boxholes and downholes to 60m, drill nine inch pilot holes and conventional raise bores up to 200m long, the Easer is a versatile rig.

To drill service and paste fill holes all with a hole deviation of less than 1%, along with minimum drill angles of 60-90 degrees from horizontal in all directions, makes the Easer an invaluable piece of equipment in the industry.

Atlas Copco Easer features:

  • loading drill rods, stabilisers and reamers from four metres away with a remote control;
  • semi-auto wrench spanner on the drive head and sliding work table to remove the risk of working around rotating parts and under suspended loads;
  • the use of four stingers to the backs and four to the floor removes the strenuous job of bolting the rig down onto the concrete pad; and
  • enclosed air-conditioned cab and integrated muck chute removes the risk of injury to personnel by stray rocks when drilling boxholes.

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