PYBAR partners with WesTrac to develop innovative cloud platform

PYBAR partners with WesTrac to develop innovative cloud platform

December 15, 2017
Business Systems, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Internet of Things, New South Wales

PYBAR is committed to facilitating safer, more productive and sustainable mining. In line with this, we have entered into a partnership with WesTrac to support the development of a cloud-based, single-point data platform that has the potential to revolutionise the industry. 

Mine sites produce a huge amount of data from a wide variety of assets. An ongoing challenge is how to collect, store and analyse data from these assets in an integrated manner to facilitate full visibility of a site’s performance in real time for better decision making and safer, more profitable operations.

Embracing the digital industrial transformation and with a mandate to pioneer real change in the industry, PYBAR is supporting the development of a cloud-based single-point data platform called MineQ under development by WesTrac, in the exclusive role of underground partner.

MineQ – mine technology of the future

MineQ aims to provide a scalable, open architecture ‘Internet of Things’ platform that will connect with all enabled mine assets to collect, process, store and analyse information – acting as a single, central point for all asset transactions and mine data.

“With so many pieces of equipment and various data entry platforms, data is often siloed, preventing full visibility over an operation’s performance,” said PYBAR CSO Andrew Rouse.

“MineQ aims to solve this problem by revolutionising how mines connect with, manage and evaluate their assets. It will facilitate, for the first time, the opportunity to achieve complete operational optimisation and a system that will drive the mine of the future.

“As the underground partner for MineQ, PYBAR will gain a significant competitive advantage in terms of knowledge and experience in the execution and use of the platform. Our mature data model with a high degree of integration will benefit from automating entry points and help us move towards data recording instead of data entry.”

Our Hera operation will serve as a pilot site for the ongoing development of the technology and a number of other initiatives will take place in the coming months as part of the MineQ development process.

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