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December 4, 2020

During August, PYBAR recorded a Total Recordable Injury (TRI) free month; a positive outcome driven by hard work and a commitment to the newly introduced safety initiatives that are being rolled out across the business.

During August 2020, PYBAR recorded a Total Recordable Injury (TRI) free month. During this time, approximately 900 PYBAR employees worked 155,000 hours without an injury requiring time off work, restricted duties or medical treatment.

Earlier in the year, PYBAR embarked on a safety transformation journey, which commenced with ‘safety stops’ being held at Peak Gold Mines, Dargues Gold Mine and Hera operations. This was underpinned by a commitment to reduce PYBAR’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) to below 10 by June 2022.

As part of the initiative, an 8-pillar strategy has been developed to support PYBAR’s safety transformation. Each pillar encompasses actions which are relevant to various aspects of the business.

  1. Safety first
  2. Safety leadership
  3. Clear expectations
  4. People
  5. Training
  6. Hazard identification and risk control
  7. Accountability
  8. Audit and review

A critical aspect of enhancing the safety across PYBAR sites is each employee taking the time to care about others, through acting appropriately, communicating hazards and stopping a job immediately if hazards arise.

PYBAR CEO, Brendan Rouse, was on hand at the recent site safety stops to reinforce his strong commitment to a safety transformation at PYBAR.

“The safety of our people is paramount to everything we do. As I said during the recent safety stops, every employee and contractor within the business has my full support to immediately stop a job if it is not safe. Once the job has stopped, the area must be secured and the supervisor called,” he said.

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