Raise Bore Service – Division Update

Herrenknecht RBR 600-VF raise bore rig
Herrenknecht RBR 600-VF raise bore rig

Raise Bore Service – Division Update

October 18, 2017
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2017 has been an exciting year so far for PYBAR’s Raise Bore Division as it further increases our raise boring service capabilities.

With the arrival of the new SBM450, Atlas Copco 61RH and the SBM800, we now have seven raise bore rigs in our fleet.

The growth of the fleet’s capability has been driven by the performance of our experienced raise drill crews and existing rigs which continue to produce holes at a consistent rate.

PYBAR’s raise bore fleet.

Atlas Copco Easer L

After a successful project at Deep South, the Atlas Copco Easer L returns to our workshop for a major scheduled service before mobilising to its next project. There is much interest in this rig due to its flexibility and productivity benefits.

Redbore 40

The Redbore 40 raise bore has been at Didipio in the Philippines and has so far completed five escape way rises (221m) and six service holes (240m) with ongoing work for 2017.

Redbore 50

The Redbore 50 has just completed a project at Thalanga mine and has undergone a 1,000 hour service which included crack testing all the drill cons on site. The rig will be mobilised to its next project in September 2017 with ongoing work in Queensland.

SBM 450

The SBM 450 raise bore rig has undergone a scheduled service ahead of its next mobilisation.

Atlas Copco 61RH

The Atlas Copco 61RH is currently based at our workshop and will undergo commissioning and testing before being mobilised to the next project.

SBM 800

The SBM 800 rig has just completed two projects, a 3.5m diameter shaft at Thalanga mine and a 4.5m shaft at King Vol mine. The rig has been mobilised to the next project to drill a 361m x 2.4m diameter ventilation shaft.

Herrenknecht RBR 600-VF

This large raise bore rig is proving itself in very hard rock formations ranging from 290mpa to 320mpa. The RBR 600-VF features a PLC control system, allowing unprecedented control during the reaming process. To date it has completed six ventilation shafts at Didipio.

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