Shotcrete stability at Mineral Hill

Shotcrete stability at Mineral Hill

March 19, 2013
Mine Development, Shotcrete Rig, Shotcreting

A recent review by geotechnical engineers engaged by KBL on poor ground conditions in a critical decline development at the Mineral Hill Mine resulted in the recommendation to shotcrete the decline to ensure long term access.

PYBAR was awarded the shotcreting work with each area sprayed with shotcrete to stabilise the ground, reducing movement and securing access for the future.

PYBAR quickly mobilised to the job once the recommendations for shotcreting were made and completed the job using a remote control Jacon Maxijet rig to safely apply the shotcrete and ensure the mine was stable in the shortest period of time.

Once the ground was stabilised other areas of the mine were able to be rehabilitated.

‘We have been completing regular checks and monitoring the ground stability,’ says Graeme McGowan, PYBAR’s project manager at Mineral Hill, ‘and are happy to report stable ground conditions since the shotcreting work has been completed.’


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