Glencore CSA Copper Mine, NSW

Glencore CSA Copper Mine, NSW

February 11, 2016
Mine Development, Shotcreting

PYBAR’s scope of works at Glencore’s CSA copper mine in New South Wales encompassed mine development and intensive ground support regimes (up to four passes), load and haul of development waste to stope fill areas, and loading of development ore into client trucks as required. The contract commenced in March 2012 with the rapid mobilisation and induction of personnel and equipment to site, and ran to June 2015.

 Operating at depths of 1700m, CSA is a high stress mine among the deepest in Australia. Rock temperatures are greater than 55 degrees.

 The mine is accessed through decline from the surface and a 1.2km shaft. Stoping areas at depth are accessed by declines from the base of the shaft resulting in long travel times.

 Due to the stresses at depth, shotcrete was an integral component of the ground support methodology. PYBAR provided all labour, equipment and materials for the supply, delivery and application of the shotcrete.

 Mine development targeted 400m per month requiring application of 900m3 of fibrecrete and installation of 1100 cable bolts per month. All fibrecrete was installed in-cycle having been batched on the surface and transported to the point of placement in agitator trucks.

 At times, ground movement occurred within one month of excavation bringing a number of ground support challenges.  With a solutions-focused approach, PYBAR implemented a number of initiatives to overcome the ground support challenges and as a result, consistently met mine development targets.

 The extreme heat due to the mine’s depth also required extensive monitoring and management of potential exposure to heat stress. PYBAR employed a number of procedures to limit the risk to staff, successfully managing the high stress environment and completing the contract LTI-free.

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