New PYBAR systems focus on client delivery

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New PYBAR systems focus on client delivery

March 19, 2013
Business Systems

Appreciating the importance of quality systems and processes to improve productivity, deliver consistency and continuity and to improve customer service, PYBAR have recently recruited a systems and processes team.

This team has a mandate to standardise and review all systems and processes at PYBAR by June 2013, highlighting areas where improvements can be made. Once completed, a rolling schedule of improvement updates will be implemented.

The image above shows the new PYBAR systems and processes team: L-R Shaun Perera, Moses Chamboko & Kirstin Barrie

‘Having a dedicated team for systems and procedures will improve reporting and transparency throughout the organisation,’ says Executive Manager, Business Systems, Andrew Rouse, ‘it will standardise the approach to improve our service and the way it is delivered to clients.’

A structured, continuous improvement focus with a dedicated team will benefit clients through a unified approach to the way we deliver our service and the assurance that action will be taken from internal and external improvement suggestions to deliver a better client result.


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