PYBAR – having a shot

PYBAR – having a shot

March 19, 2012
Mine Development, Shotcrete Rig, Shotcreting

With new, versatile shotcrete equipment, PYBAR has recognised the opportunity and developed our shotcreting services.

As an established mining and civil contractor, shotcrete and fibrecrete spraying is an integral part of our operations, from in-cycle underground shotcreting to open cut, road and rail applications. With a specialised & experienced team of shotcrete operators, supervisors & management, we undertake these services for both internal projects and as a stand-alone service for our clients.

PYBAR CEO Paul Rouse explains, ‘We’re always looking for ways to deliver better value for our clients. Building on our experience in delivering turn-key projects, we identified shotcreting as one of several services that we could offer to clients on a stand-alone basis with the support and back up that PYBAR has developed from over 20 years of providing contracting services.

The PYBAR shotcrete fleet consists of Underground Shotcrete Rigs, Underground and Surface Agitator trucks and a road registered, 4×4 truck mounted Shotcrete rig with 17m reach. This fleet allows for the flexibility to provide Shotcreting services in Underground & Surface Mining, Tunnelling, Civil, Road and Rail operations.

‘Our shotcrete equipment offers a wider range of options,’ says Paul Rouse, ‘PYBAR can deliver a quality job to a wide range of sites and conditions across Australia’

One such example of the versatility on offer is PYBAR’s new, self-sufficient, road registered shotcrete unit that allows ease of use and access as there is no need to mobilise and demobilise using low loaders and support infrastructure. With compressor, water and chemical storage that unit is mounted onto a 4WD 13-tonne truck with a concrete pump and robotic boom with the capacity to spray shotcrete to 17meters.

PYBAR’s shotcreting service is provided with the same, well-recognised quality assurance and quality control systems already delivered by the PYBAR team. ‘Not only are the QAQC procedures in place,’ Paul Rouse comments, ‘our shotcrete team have an eye for detail and pride in their work that sets our standard apart.’

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