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July 7, 2016
RBR600-VF, Raise Boring

FLEET OF FOUR RIGS, ALL IN OPERATION IN AUSTRALIA AND OVERSEAS. The raise bore team has been achieving some excellent milestones as we increase our raise bore capabilities.

We now have four rigs in our fleet, all operating successfully in Australia or overseas!

In recent months, we have successfully completed multiple projects, drilling over 3000m under the management of Phillip Viljoen our Raise Bore Superintendent.


Atlas Copco Easer-L

The Atlas Copco Easer-L is a mobile raise bore rig designed to drill both up-holes and down-holes like a traditional raise bore rig but without the need for a concrete foundation. The Easer-L is designed to drill in block cave, sub-level caving and sub-level stoping mines, and can also be utilised for escape ways, pastefill holes, drain holes and precondition holes.

ONE machine for all raise bore drilling applications.

The Atlas Copco Easer-L has been mobilised, along with the Redbore 50-MDUR, to WA and is now drilling up-hole slots and escape ways at Deep South.

Key features of the Easer-L

• Up-hole capacities: 660mm, 700mm, 750mm diameter up-hole slots to 60m in length;
• Conventional capacities: 750mm, 1,060m, 1.420mm rises to 200m in length;
• Standard 1,000V jumbo box electrical connection;
• Mine adapted carrier with articulated steering and 4WD and low emission, turbo charged diesel engine;
• Designed to maintain a high level of safety – for example the integrated muck chute, remote controlled crane for easy pipe handling, hydraulic wrenching system reducing manual handling;
• No site preparation necessary, and all equipment, except the drill rods, are part of the carrier;
• Rubber-tyred, making it exceptionally easy to move to wherever it is required in the mine; and
• Accuracy of the raise bore up-hole slot method achieves better than 1% tolerances.

Redbore 40-SDR

The Redbore40-SDR raise bore is a small compact raise bore rig designed primarily for production slot programs and escape ways. The SDR range is configured for down-reaming from the collar down, which is perfect for stope recovering as well.

PYBAR’s Redbore 40-SDR comes with its own RBT (Raise Bore Transporter), the unit is used to move the rig between drill sites and includes its own power pack and control console with crane to load and unload the drill pipe.

Our Redbore 40-SDR recently completed 1.060m and 1.420m escape ways and slot rises at Hera in NSW.

Key features

• Nominal capacities range from 750mm to 1.524m diameter rises up to 152m in length;
• Standard 1,000V jumbo box electrical connection;
• Designed for flexible setup configuration; and
• Complete solution for up-hole and down-hole slots.

Redbore 50-MDUR

The Redbore 50-MDUR is the complete solution for up-holes and down-holes – the rig is designed as a mid-capacity raise bore to replace much larger equipment.

The Redbore 50-MUDR can provide up-hole slots reaming to 1.524m in diameter (blind hole) with conventional rises up to 2.134m in diameter while maintaining a low profile.

The Redbore 50-MDUR has been mobilised, along with the Atlas Copco Easer-L, to WA and is now drilling up-hole slots and escape ways at Deep South.

Key features

• Up hole capacities: 750mm, 1.060m, 1.524m diameter up-hole slots to 60m in length;
• Conventional capacities: 1,060m, 1.420m, 1.524m, 1.829m, 2.134m diameter rises up to 183m in length;
• Standard 1,000V jumbo box electrical connection;
• More accurate and efficient transfer of power;
• Multi-directional raise boring capabilities (conventional and up-hole reaming);
• Retractable wrenching arm (top wrenching) and lay-down drill pipe handler; and
• Up-to-date, proven, field-tested technology.

Herrenknecht RBR600-VF

The Herrenknecht RBR600-VF is a powerful shaft boring rig with a compact design. The RBR600-VF offers a flexible solution, even under space constraints and is therefore suitable for various applications in the mining industry.

The RBR600-VF is currently setting up for three 5.5m diameter ventilation shafts at the Didipio mine in the Philippines.

Key features

• Conventional capacities: shafts up to 7m diameter and up to 1000m in length;
• Powerful variable frequency and highly efficient centre-free drive minimises power consumption;
• Remote modular track mounted carrier design provides flexibility in confined spaces and rig-up options;
• Mechanised drill pipe wrench system and rod handling provides a safe work environment;
• Can be mobilised by conventional load road transport or overseas by ship in standard sea containers; and
• Provides a quicker, more efficient, equipment mobilisation whether on surface or underground, resulting in saving time and money.


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