Working smarter with iPlod

PYBAR's iPlod plod data system
PYBAR's iPlod plod data system

Working smarter with iPlod

October 18, 2017
Business Systems, Innovation

iPlod is PYBAR’s new, innovative in-house developed system to improve the capture, storage and use of plod data at our contract mining operations.

The platform allows our equipment operators to input their plod data directly into a tablet and upload it to a local version of our database for supervisors to validate and approve. 

Since commencing the roll-out, more stable updates to the technology have been implemented delivering a number of improvements and providing additional features.

Roll-out success at Hera, Deep South and Peak.

Following Hera, full implementation was carried out at Deep South with each crew ceasing paper plods within a week of transitioning. Shift boss and engineer take-up was highly positive with immediate improvements in both PYBAR and client daily report speeds.

The team at our new short term contract with Peak Gold Mines has also recently started using the iPlod system with very positive feedback.

Shift bosses at all rolled-out sites agree that the end of shift is now focused on validating electronic data rather than transcribing handwritten data. This has allowed more accurate shift reports and enabled a focus on more thorough cross shift handovers.

New features on the horizon.

The near future will bring further capabilities to iPlod as we continue to innovate and enhance the system to improve performance for our clients throughout our operations.

New developments on the horizon include:

  • roll-out of iPlod to the maintenance department;
  • using iPlod to complete pre-starts and TWIs; and
  • using iPlod to report individual KPI data to operators.

New features to be added in the more distant future include barcode scanning for on-site inventory and leveraging the tablet camera functionality for incident and hazard reporting.

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