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June 1, 2021
Life Saving Actions, Pathway to Zero, Safety Transformation Program

PYBAR’s Safety Transformation Program sets us on our Pathway to Zero.

Focused on updating and re-establishing safety practices, PYBAR’s Safety Transformation Program sets us on a Pathway to Zero.

As part of this initiative, a set of nine Life Saving Actions has been established to ensure a safe working environment for every employee.

Nine Life Saving Actions:

  1. I will use safety devices as they have been designed to be used
  2. I will always work under supported ground
  3. I will use and initiate explosives in line with site requirements
  4. I will place and remove my tag only on and off the tagboard
  5. I will arrive fit for work
  6. I will use fall prevention or protection if there is a fall risk from one level to another
  7. I will always isolate and dissipate energy sources before commencing work
  8. I will install bunding or barricading as required
  9. I will only operate equipment that I am trained to use

Rob Patterson, PYBAR’s SHET Manager, said: “The Life Saving Actions have been devised to safeguard the health and safety of our people.

“They are non-negotiable and every PYBAR team member has a personal responsibility to adhere to them.”

PYBAR’s Life Saving Actions initiative is aligned with our Fatal Hazards and Critical Controls plan and supported by our Pathway to Zero plan, which together aim to improve safety performance by June 2022.

The Safety Transformation Program began last year with newly defined initiatives to reduce our Total Recordable Injuries (TRIs).

A strong focus on health and safety at PYBAR sites over the 2020/2021 Christmas and New Year period, underpinned by the eight pillars in our Pathway to Zero plan, has resulted in a significant improvement in safety performance compared to previous years.

This year, PYBAR experienced four TRIs over the festive season compared to 22 the year before.

PYBAR Director, Brendan Rouse, commended everyone on their hard work and commitment to achieve this excellent result.

“The increased focus on health and safety across PYBAR has resulted in significantly fewer employees being injured, not only over the festive season, but throughout 2020,” he said.

New safety signage with up-to-the-minute data has been rolled out across all sites, where it is displayed in prominent positions, keeping safety at front of mind.


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