PYBAR accelerates development at Lady Loretta

PYBAR accelerates development at Lady Loretta

September 25, 2012
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The team of 50 PYBAR staff has accelerated development at Xstrata Zinc’s Lady Loretta mine in Queensland and is currently mining the ore in addition to the original waste development contract. The first 6,000 tonnes will be produced by the end of September.

The quick mobilisation of the team and a speedy start up on site over the last 12 months has assisted PYBAR to progress work well ahead of schedule on decline and ore access development headings. When Xstrata Zinc subsequently approved a further investment to develop the upper ore bodies independently to the deeper underground resources and bring forward the start of production by one year to September 2012, PYBAR’s partnership with Lady Loretta was expanded.

Another contributing factor to the early mining of the ore body is the PYBAR team’s safety performance – 365 days with no lost time injuries and therefore maximising staff availability.

The isolation of the Lady Loretta mine was one of the challenges PYBAR faced at this site – many variables, especially stock levels need to be monitored and maintained to ensure the project runs smoothly. Due to the project being ahead of schedule the development has only required one Jumbo with no requirements to re-mobilise any additional equipment to maintain the accelerated development rate.

“The PYBAR team at Lady Loretta have demonstrated a professional and flexible partnership with Xstrata Zinc, managing changes to the initial scope of work to ensure best outcomes for both parties. Pushing hard to be ahead of schedule from the initial start up, additional metres have been gained for the client as well as early access to ore” states Lewis Franklyn, Queensland Operations Manager for PYBAR.

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