PYBAR’s new on-road shotcrete unit

PYBAR’s new on-road shotcrete unit

December 15, 2011
Mine Development, Shotcrete Rig, Shotcreting

PYBAR’s new self sufficient and road registered shotcrete unit, the ultimate in versatility

The new unit can service a variety of sites – no need to mobilise and de-mobilise with low loaders and other support infrastructure’ says Shotcrete Manager Adam Crouch ‘just jump in and drive away.’

The fully self contained unit is mounted on a 4×4 13 tonne truck with a concrete pump rated to 35 cubic m/hour and a robotic boom that sprays quality shotcrete to 17m. It comes with its own compressor, water and chemical storage.

‘We can be doing work for a civil client early in the morning’ says Adam Crouch ‘then shotcreting a box cut for underground development by the afternoon – such is its versatility’. It can be used as a concrete placing boom pump for pouring slabs, or set up for hand spraying spoon drains or other detailed spraying requirements.’

The unique set up of this vehicle saves clients time and money with the ability to be operator driven and the extended reach boom spray means little or no standby time during civil development. The portability of the unit gives it the ability to mobilise at rapid speed with minimal costs.

Supporting both the civil and mining sides of PYBAR’s operations, the on-road shotcrete rig is also available to do small and large shotcreting jobs in NSW. Any enquiries can be forwarded to Adam Crouch on 02 6361 4499 or 0429 656 623.

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